This is the test today

 have mostly been a sucker for bootable USB Stick. I find they come in handy for fixing partitions, recovering data and even virus scanning. They tend to be very useful for Windows Systems which are not recovering properly, which rarely happens (I am of course kidding).

I find that Linux helps save the day for these Windows Systems. I have to admit that I still use one Windows laptop on occasion.

To start you need to download the Ventoy program.


You can start by going to to see any documentation or other information you may want to read. You can click on Downloads or go directly to On the ‘Downloads’ page you can click on the preferred download version.

Once you click on the desired file you should then be directed to the Github site, specifically to If you scroll down there should be a subsection called ‘Assets’. Under ‘Assets’ should be listed the various downloads of the current version. The listed files should be for Linux, Windows, Source for Linux and Source for Windows. Choose your file and once clicked it should open another page that should download the proper file. Extract the files from the compressed file you downloaded.

Open a Terminal into the extracted folder. From a Terminal prompt, you can type the command ‘sudo ./ -i /dev/sdx’, where ‘sdx’ is replaced by the location of the USB Stick to which you want to erase and install Ventoy.

An example output is shown in Figure 1.


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